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Sustainability in investment, retirement savings solutions and payment transactions

Sustainable investment

Sustainable investments extend the traditional investment objectives of return, risk management and liquidity to include environmental, social and corporate governance criteria. In technical terminology, these areas are referred to as ESG.

Makes triple sense: ESG

Investors can invest in companies that, for instance, offer good working conditions throughout the entire supply chain, comply with resource-friendly processes, or promote climate-friendly products and services – all without corruption or unfair competitive behavior. 

Sustainable retirement plans

Would you like to maintain your accustomed standard of living in retirement and provide financial security for yourself and your family? You can do this in a sustainable way without sacrificing returns. 


  • Are resources conserved, waste avoided and the climate protected?
  • Are human rights respected and child labor excluded?
  • Is the company run according to ethical standards? What are the working conditions like?

Digital banking

Deutsche Bank’s digital banking services not only save you time, but also valuable resources: online payments replace paper-based transfers and reduce the need for trips to the branch.

Digital solutions such as giropay and ApplePay are being used more and more frequently for shopping: another step toward climate-friendly payment transactions and greater convenience and security for buyers and sellers compared against cash transactions.

Thanks to Info Services, you also always have an overview of your finances, and with MultiBanking you can even conveniently manage multiple accounts, even at other banks, from one app. This not only saves you a lot of unnecessary travel, but also spares your nerves: in a way, that’s sustainable, too.