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Test your sustainability knowledge!

Have you carefully explored our exhibition in the Q Gallery in Quartier Zukunft? Have you had a look around our website? Show your sustainability knowledge in our quiz!

What does "ESG" stand for?

  • Economics, Sales & Growth
  • Europe, South Asia & Germany
  • Environmental Social Governance

When was the term "sustainability" first known to have been published?

  • 1718
  • 1818
  • 1918

Which city has hosted the climate summit in 2016?

  • Berlin
  • Paris
  • London

What, along with air and water, is the most used resource?

  • Wood
  • Sand
  • Iron

Where was the building savings of the modern era 'invented', so to speak?

  • In England
  • In the USA
  • In Germany

How high are the world's first core-renovated high-rise buildings, the Deutsche Bank Towers in Frankfurt a.M.?

  • 105
  • 155
  • 205

What is the name of a well-known climate protection movement?

  • Sundays for Sustainability
  • Fridays for Future
  • Wednesdays for Vegetarians

Since when has Deutsche Bank been climate neutral in its own business operations?

  • Since 2012
  • Since 2002
  • Since 2021

What is the name of the campaign initiated by Deutsche Bank employees to reduce paper in the branches?

  • "YourBuchi"
  • "WeEichi"
  • "MyBirki"

Which value quantifies one's own environmental behavior?

  • The H2O impression
  • The WHO pressure
  • The CO2 footprint
Your knowledge about sustainability is still expandable: If you read the information on this website carefully and visit our exhibition in Quartier Zukunft, you will certainly be able to expand and deepen your knowledge. This not only benefits you, but also our entire planet.
Your sustainability knowledge still has a lot of room to grow! But maybe your mind wasn't quite on the matter - or you haven't even visited our exhibition at Quartier Zukunft yet? That would be quite a good occasion: Our team in Friedrichstraße is looking forward to your visit!
Congratulations, you already have sound sustainability knowledge. Share your knowledge and help to make this planet livable for future generations!
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